ACPCN works with Pharmacy Committees in every state to keep pressure on Congress.

ACP has registered hundreds of independent pharmacists to participate on a Congressional Network “Pharmacy Committee.”  Committees will be formed in every state!

“Every congressional district has independent pharmacies, and we want to make sure Congress hears from all of them,” stated Bill Rustin, ACPCN President.  “Members of Congress should be talking with their local pharmacies rather than the PBM industry in Washington.”

ACP Congressional Network is the Nation’s Largest Pharmacy Grassroots Army

ACPCN helps independent pharmacists arrange meetings with members of Congress and shape critical legislation.  It is organized around Pharmacy Committees that help ACPCN organize hometown data about pharmacy operations, and committee members often contact their elected officials to provide timely information.

ACPCN maintains a database of members in the Congressional Network.  The information is used by the ACPCN team in Washington to ensure members of Congress focus health care initiatives on patients and taxpayer savings rather than special-PBM interests.

“Our grassroots program will build on the successful model that is giving hometown pharmacies a voice in Washington,” according to Rustin.

Interested pharmacists can obtain more information and sign up by clicking here.

Pharmacy Committees

“Independent pharmacy was being crushed under the weight of AMP rules, abusive PBM  practices, and unreasonably low reimbursements,” according to ACP Vice President of Government Relations Mike James.  “Our grassroots-based lobby efforts changed AMP and imposed “prompt pay” on PBMs--that leaves passage of comprehensive pro-pharmacy legislation as our remaining critical goal.”

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We need your help to build more committees.  See how your contribution can make a difference.

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