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Our skill mix

The range of skills and care professionals within a PCN can vary depending on the needs of the local population and the services provided by the PCN. Below you will see each team/service we offer and their respective staff members. Please note, we are always looking to add skilled healthcare professionals to our teams. If you are interested in joining one of the teams, you can view our open vacancies by clicking here.

Management Team

Our management team is responsible for the administration and management of the PCN. Racheal specifically oversees the day-to-day operation of the PCN with a focus on developing and implementing policies and procedures, managing staff, managing the budget and also works to improve overall patient care through developing quality improvement initiatives. 

Racheal Alley

PCN Business Manager,
Digital Transformation lead

Dr Rhiannon Turner

Accountable Clinical Director

Social Prescribers

Social prescribing is a way for local agencies to refer people to a link worker. Link workers give people time, focusing on ‘what matters to me’ and taking a holistic approach to people’s health and wellbeing. They connect people to community groups and statutory services for practical and emotional support. Our social prescribers are Suzi, Natalie and Natasha.

“Suzi and Natalie are worth their weight in gold, we have seen them twice and they make you feel very welcome. They certainly know what they are talking about, thank you”

Suzi Donnelly

Social Prescriber

Natalie Morton

Social Prescriber

Natasha Douglas

Social Prescriber

Stephaine Garrad

Social prescriber

Marianna Mravcova

Social prescriber

MSK First Contact Practitioner

Aylesbury Central PCN’s physiotherapist service is provided by Practice Plus Group.

Julie Shea


Rajeev Gaur


Niamh Burton


Daniel Tamplin


Alice Davis


Health & Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing coaches work with individuals to help them improve their overall wellbeing. They may use a variety of techniques and approaches to achieve this, including; goal setting, providing support, offering guidance, encouraging self-care, helping individuals develop coping skills, providing resources and referrals and collaborating with other professionals. 

Our Health Coach team is made up of Mollie, Karen and Kieran.

Mollie Avery

Health & Wellbeing Coach

Karen Maddison

Health & Wellbeing Coach

Kieran Johns

Health & Wellbeing Coach

Care Co-ordinators

A care co-ordinator is a professional who is responsible for coordinating and managing the care of individuals who require support with their health and wellbeing. Care coordinators may work with people of all ages and with a range of needs, including those with physical disabilities, mental health conditions, and long-term conditions. Our care co-ordinators are Frances and Alison.

Frances Dowthwaite

Care Co-ordinator

Alison Wood

Care Co-ordinator


Pharmacists are trained to dispense medications and provide advice on their use. They play a vital role by ensuring that patients receive the correct medications and dosage, and by providing information on the safe and effective use of medications. Tasks include; dispensing medications, providing advice on medications, monitoring medication use, collaborating with other healthcare professionals and providing support for patients with chronic conditions.

Our pharmacists are Harris and Chinwe alongside our community pharmacist, Tulin Lester.

Harris Butt


Chinwe Alino


Tulin Lester

Community Pharmacist

Mental Health

Our Mental Health practitioner supports the PCN clinicians with patients over 18, who would benefit from one-to-one support with complex mental health needs. This can include brief interventions for patients waiting for assessment with Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) or on the waiting list for the Complex Needs Service. Our Mental Health Practitioner will provide mental health advice, support, consultation, and liaison across the wider local health and social care system.

The service can only be accessed by referral from the PCN team to ensure suitability.

Samantha McLaren

Mental Health Practitioner

Pharmacy Technician

The pharmacy technician is an integral member of the PCN team, working alongside pharmacists to ensure the safe and efficient dispensing of medications. Responsible for various tasks, they assist in preparing prescriptions, managing inventory, and interacting with patients. Their attention to detail and commitment to accuracy help maintain high standards of pharmaceutical care. Pharmacy technicians play a crucial role in supporting patient health by providing essential services and contributing to the smooth operation of the pharmacy.

Annapurna Kolla

Pharmacy Technician

GPA (GP Assistant)

The GP Assistants plays a vital role in the day-to-day operations of a PCN. They handle administrative tasks, assist with clinical duties, and ensure patients receive the best care possible. From scheduling appointments to providing compassionate support, they are the backbone of the practice, helping it run smoothly and efficiently. With their dedication and expertise, our GP Assistants are an indispensable member of the healthcare team.

Kacey Brown-” I’m Kacey, A GPA for the PCN. My role is support based for the GP’s in the practices. I provide urgent clinical appointments and administrative support to contribute to the smooth running of appointments, my role helps to free up valuable GP time and ultimately improve patients experiences.”

Kacey Brown


Claire Sewell


ANP (Advanced Nurse Practitoner)

Our Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) in our PCN is a pivotal figure, delivering comprehensive healthcare services. With advanced clinical skills ,ANPs conduct assessments,diagnose,prescribe medications, and manage chronic conditions. Collaborating with the healthcare team, they ensure access to quality care ,addressing diverse patient needs effectivley. ANPs play a crucial role in enhancing patient outcomes and optimising healthcare delivery within the PCN.

Denise Knight



Our nurse is a fundamental members of Primary Care Networks (PCNs), providing vital healthcare services and support. Their role encompasses various responsibilities, including patient assessment, health education, medication administration, and chronic disease management. Working closely with other healthcare professionals, nurses play a key role in delivering holistic care and promoting wellness within the community. Their compassionate approach and clinical expertise contribute significantly to the overall effectiveness and success of the PCN in meeting the diverse healthcare needs of patients.

Anne Kimber


Physicians Associate

Meet Khadeeja our Physicians associate,who play a vital role in Primary Care Networks (PCNs) by providing comprehensive patient care under the supervision of doctors. They are involved in diagnosing and managing a wide array of health conditions, performing medical procedures, and potentially prescribing medications. PAs significantly contribute to chronic disease management, offering follow-up care, monitoring, and health education. 

Khadeeja Hussain

Physicians Associate

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Healthier Lifestyle, Happier You!

An empowering and fun programme that explores the most effective methods to lose weight and keep it off. On the course you will address concerns that you have with your lifestyle, such as with your diet and physical activity levels.

We passionately believe in quality education and in long-term sustainable behaviour change and not short-term diet or lifestyle fads. We look at health holistically, offering choices with flexible options. This approach delivers multiple benefits well beyond weight loss including improving sleep quality, stress management, relationship with food and preventing future health conditions.

Features of the programme

  • Lifestyle & wellbeing education programme covering weight loss, managing stress, sleep quality, preventing future health conditions
  • Flexible dietary approaches: Low carbohydrate, Mediterranean, Intermittent fasting, Real food and snacking avoidance
  • 12 x Online Group Sessions
  • Includes a printed Weight & Wellbeing Programme Handbook
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