A 43-year-old man, battling type 2 diabetes and poor lifestyle habits, transformed his life with health coaching, losing 4.4kg, reversing his diabetes, and embracing regular exercise.
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This 43-year-old gentleman was referred to health and wellbeing coaching for support with weight loss and lifestyle changes. During his 5 sessions we worked with him to find realistic and sustainable solutions for him to achieve changes to improve his health and lifestyle. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and at the time had some knowledge of the kind of foods he should avoid which he had put in place. He found it difficult to continue and quickly slipped back into his old eating habits and lifestyle.

With the support from the health and wellbeing coach his knowledge and confidence grow to enable him to make the necessary changes to his diet and lifestyle. He managed to look at his starchy, refine carbohydrate diet and made realistic changes. He made some reductions in portion sizes and introduced alternative foods that kept him fuller for longer. He re-introduces activity by going back to the gym which in the past he didn’t like and only went 2 to 3 times. However, with support he has continued to go and now manages to go 4 times per week. He has increased walking to running and now finds it enjoyable.

With thanks to Aylesbury Central PCN’s Health and Wellbeing coaching he has managed to lose 4.4kg in a short space of time and reverse his type 2 diabetes.

43 year old case study 2 -graph showing body weight
43 year old case study 2 -graph showing body weight
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Healthier Lifestyle, Happier You!

An empowering and fun programme that explores the most effective methods to lose weight and keep it off. On the course you will address concerns that you have with your lifestyle, such as with your diet and physical activity levels.

We passionately believe in quality education and in long-term sustainable behaviour change and not short-term diet or lifestyle fads. We look at health holistically, offering choices with flexible options. This approach delivers multiple benefits well beyond weight loss including improving sleep quality, stress management, relationship with food and preventing future health conditions.

Features of the programme

  • Lifestyle & wellbeing education programme covering weight loss, managing stress, sleep quality, preventing future health conditions
  • Flexible dietary approaches: Low carbohydrate, Mediterranean, Intermittent fasting, Real food and snacking avoidance
  • 12 x Online Group Sessions
  • Includes a printed Weight & Wellbeing Programme Handbook
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